Social Asking:
1. Ask a question using the best commenting and polling platform.
2. Collect insights that social media and social listening can't provide.
3. Download your report and explore the analytics dashboard.
Qutee is a comments forum with AI analytics that allows you to create a super-sized focus group within hours and understand thousands of opinions in real-time.

What we do better:

Like to comment but hate scrolling? We fixed it! Filter 1000s of analyzed comments with a click.
Want to know what you community thinks in real-time? Create and share a Qutee in minutes and collect 1000s of analyzed comments, polls and ratings.
Surveys and social listening not working?  Natural langauge processing provides instant actionable reports and insights.
  • Brands & Agencies

  • Influencers

  • Brands & Influencer Research

  • Gaming

  • Social Asking

  • Charities & Campaigns

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Brands and Agencies

Create a super-sized focus group and collect all the insights social media can’t provide.

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Provide the best commenting experience for your fans and collect valuable insights to help create better content.

brand and influencer research
Brand and Influencer Research

Drive large scale consumer research via influencer campaigns.

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