Intelligent discussion & insight for everyone.
Make your voice heard.
Filter & browse analyzed comments.
Leave a comment & use polls.
Create & share your own Qutee.
Listen to your audience.
Create your own super sized focus group.
Collect thousands of analyzed comments.
Download your insights report instantly.
Use your analytics dashboard.

Qutee combines intelligent discussion, research, and analytics on a single, easy-to-use site. To make comments work for you, join the community now.


Collect and Analyze in One Place

Gather responses about topics you care about and collect additional opinions via Q gauge, polls, and comments with intent polling.

Replace expensive web scraping, market research and noisy data.


Browse via Intelligent Comment Filters

Users can filter thousands of analyzed comments with a click to find the people and topics that interest them.

There is no need to scroll through page after page of comments like legacy comment systems, forums or social media.


Research Your Audience in Real-Time

Access the free intuitive Natural Language Processing Analytics Dashboard and Auto-generated Report.

> See the case studies.


Produce Media Friendly Data Stories

Use the data and insights to create reports that get attention. The Qutee “Gaming Today” data story consisting of 1900 analyzed gamer comments and 10k poll results generated over 160 pieces of global media coverage. Become the data leader in your world!


> Download global report now.

> Also, see the accompanying report on the personal and social impacts of gaming.


Bring the Power of Qutee to Your Site

Embed your Qutee via an iFrame in your site in seconds!

Public Qutee API available Late 2018

>Learn more about our embeds here.

Free For Every Audience

  • Brands & Agencies

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Charities & Campaigns

  • Events & Conferences

  • Consumer Research

  • Brands & Influencer Research


Engage, analyze and advertise.  Escape the walled gardens of Facebook and Twitter.  Add Qutee to your campaign arsenal.


Learn more about your audience, drive increased views and subs. Become a data influencer and apply for shares in Qutee!


Collect real-time analyzed feedback around updates and game-play via the most intelligent comments experience and auto-generated insight reports.

As Seen In


Influencer Endorsements

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More insightful comments than YouTube

Josh (aka Phy) 600k followers

“Thanks to the Qutee filters and dashboard, I know more about my audience than any other League of Legends vlogger–helping me create stronger YouTube content, increase my views by over 100% and collect unprecedented data on LoL updates and game developments.”


Real-time audience insight

Tom (aka CapgunTom) 1.2m followers

“The data we collected on FIFA 18 within 24 hours of the game’s launch was spectacular.  Previously I had tens of thousands of comments providing no insight.  Now I have amazing knowledge and data on my audience.”


Better community experience

Todd (aka LionHeartx10) 302k followers

“I started by creating two Qutee discussions to look at ‘Good vs Bad’ in both games and received over 1,200 comments, most of them incredibly detailed.  I was blown away by the results.  Using Qutee’s analysis tools, I was able to mine the rich seam of information to discover what Total War fans really think of the first two Warhammer games–and what they’d like to see in future versions.”

Qutee’s Pledge for Data Democracy

“We believe the world is a better place when people have open, intelligent and organized conversations where everyone has a chance to be heard. At Qutee we pledge to provide a space where all can have their say and gain access to conversational data and analytics – that’s why we call it data democracy.”
– Tim Wilson, CEO & Flint Barrow, CTO, Qutee Founders.

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