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  • Passionate audiences with honest insights.
  • Automated AI reporting saves weeks of analysis.
  • NLP and Intent Tagging are superior to sentiment analysis.
  • Social experience fosters higher participation than surveys.
  • Create super-sized panel groups within the hour.

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Turn your existing social and CRM audience into an online panel today.


Consumer research and create your own panel via an influencer audience.


Collect industrial-scale product feedback within hours via your social and CRM audiences, or by using influencers.


Collect industrial-scale gamer feedback within hours then download your sentiment insights report. It’s that easy!


Provide the best commenting experience for your fans and collect valuable insights to help create better content.


Embed Qutee on the home website and make it the center of consumer engagement and research.


Engagement on FIFA 20

Free Product Insights Report

The Qutee insights report is generated automatically and updated with each new comment or poll.

The insights include:

  • Over 500 Net Promoter Scores (Q rating) and associated Representative Comments.
  • 3,500 Qualitative Poll results.
  • Full NLP analysis of over 1000 user sentiment tagged comments ie. it’s more accurate than Sentiment Analysis.
  • Key topic and sentiment trends.
  • Representative Comments for each user tag and the entire engagement.
  • Popular comments.
  • Most active users’ comments.
  • Participation Metrics.

Use Cases



Problem: B2C product, but the slot is distributed via their B2B client, so they have no direct engagement with the player and no community of their own. Existing testing and player feedback have been limited to just a handful of power players pre-launch. There is no post-launch feedback of any value. Slots are developed blindly with a “fire and forget” policy.


Solution: Within 24 hours, Qutee and a leading slots influencer drove a groundbreaking discussion and created a focus group for the client.


Outcome: Qutee Insights have directly influenced the features of the next game and other developers within the group are now adopting Qutee. Qutee is now providing a new funnel of player insight into the industry.



Problem: *Requested feedback from their social community of players to build better sentiment profiles and understand what products to market to the wider ESport audience for an upcoming global tournament.


They were receiving very low response rates from surveys and could not budget for social listening and expertise to understand the wider global audience.


Solution: Used Qutee to engage their existing social audience with engagement rates 20 times above their previous survey. Paragraph length comments and near 100% completion rates for polls.


Outcome: Qutee’s insights report removed the need for any lengthy summary analysis and allowed the team to make immediate decisions that ran concurrently with the team’s success at the leading global tournament driving increased revenue.



Problem: Social Listening was failing to provide enough granularity to measure the success of the game. They required access to the most passionate players–the ones who make or break the online reputation of a product, but who also provide the most in-depth feedback.


Solution: Influencer experts were appointed to drive the discussion and by using imaginative questioning we were able to collect rich feedback consisting of over 1000 paragraph length analyzed comments, 4000 poll responses insights within 72 hours.


Outcome: They asked Qutee to continue further engagements — delving deeper into the game mechanics with the view to be able to accurately track the game company’s patches to the gameplay.



Problem: Impossible to extract audience insights via social channels to understand who their audience is and what content they want. Influencers are frustrated by the need to endlessly scroll through comments looking for content ideas and feedback.


Solution: Qutee used to engage and research around future content ideas and identify the audience personas.


Outcome: The Qutee Insights Report removed the need for any manual analysis of the data resulting in increased engagement and channel views.



Problem: Their in-house team failed to provide fast enough insights with enough accuracy via social listening and legacy surveys for the developers.


Solution: Utilized leading educational influencers to drive conversation and feedback on Qutee.


Outcome: The Qutee Report was socialized around the company and implemented on the most recent release. They are continuing to utilize the influencers’ focus group to drive further insight.


The Future of Community Management… AI Powered by Social Asking.


Do you seek actionable insights based on authentic customer feedback on products and/or services?


What if you had access to invaluable data concerning your ideal customers? Data that brands like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Reddit, and others have used to become the powerhouses they are today?


What if you could turn your social and consumer audience into a real-time super-sized focus group community within hours?




Agile Customer Feedback and the Power of Passion Point Audiences


Qutee Social Asking, an effective and unique approach to fast insights from online audiences, focus group creation and report creation.


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“Qutee is the future of understanding what the world thinks, feels, and does–the most valuable data of all.”

-Dan Foreman, Ex Chair of ESOMAAR (world’s largest consumer insights association), current chairman of Zappi and NED to multiple research platforms

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