Confronting Climate Change

Issues don’t come any bigger than this. Climate change affects us all, and threatens the very future of life itself on this planet. It has also sparked some of the most contentious debates in domestic and international politics – as well as on Qutee. So what do our users think of it all?

Hot topic: Hot topic: Settled science?

Among Qutee’s commentators, the consensus is clear. 76% of comments on the ?Climate Change page are tagged ‘Believer’. (That does leave more scepticism than exists in the scientific community, though: 9% of commentators are ‘Non-Believers’ and 16% say they’re ‘Still Unsure’.)

‘Global warming is arguably one of the biggest challenges our generation will face,’ says Meg Stacey-Edwards. ‘The biggest migration crisis will not be caused by conflict, it will be caused by global warming and climate change.’ Tristan Dixon agrees: ‘We seriously need to recognize that this is a serious issue!’ he says.

Poll finding: Hope for the future

Despite this, there’s optimism. 81% of respondents to our poll say that yes, we can save the planet. Only 4% say we can’t.

Qs compared: A clean energy solution

So what is the answer? There’s no doubt that combatting climate change will involve decarbonising our energy supply. But how best to do it? Our poll findings, summarised above, suggest far more enthusiasm for solar power and renewable sources than for nuclear energy. 65% of respondents believe that solar and renewables are the answer, while just 25% think we need more nuclear power plants.


Do you agree? What do you think the priority should be when it comes to tackling this existential threat? And do you have faith in humanity’s ability to do what’s necessary? Share your thoughts and join the discussion on the ?Climate Change page.


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