Donald Trump seems to have some big shoes to fill in the eyes of our users. With a Q Score of just 15% compared to Obama's 66%, he's got a long way to go it would seem. The controversial 45th President of the United States has remained a popular topic of conversation on Qutee since his announcement that he intended to run for the office of President.
It would seem at first Qutee users did not take his bid seriously. Even as late a October of last year some of our members were skeptical of his intention to actually win the office.
Once what seemed to be the the initial shock of his victory wore off among Qutee users they got right back to commenting. The mixture of comments since his election victory has been surprisingly mixed, given his negative Q score.
"While he may not be the most respectful gentlemen in the world, he is now OUR president. If you are an American citizen, he IS YOUR president. We need to unify our country, and I believe in his first year as president we will see this unification. He wasn't my first choice for a president, but I did see him better than the other side. He has won the election and has complete control with congress, he has no excuse to not perform well and bring our country into a better era. If our country is to give him the full support he deserves, then I can see him doing an outstanding job as commander-in-chief." -Garret Williams
"I was totally over Trump's election victory and ready to call him president (grudgingly) but now he's taking ignorant stabs at my district and my congressman (a hero of the civil rights movement) ON MLK WEEKEND!!!! There is no end in sight. The sooner we impeach him the better off we'll all be." -John Mj
Check out a few Qutees related to Donald Trump below and let us know how you feel about the current President.

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