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What is Qutee?

  • Founded by CEO Tim Wilson and CTO Flint Barrow, Qutee’s mission is to permanently raise the standard of debate online and democratize data, for everyone’s benefit.
  • Qutee ‘Data Discussions’ are data-fueled conversations that analyze and organize every comment so users can filter and discover the topics and people that interest them among 1000’s of comments with just a click.
  • Qutees also include polls that augment the conversation to collect even more opinions from the audience.
  • Qutees each have their own world class analytics dashboard that provides all the data and analysis that Facebook and Twitter refuse to share.
  • Everyone now can understand and influence the conversation!

Why is Qutee needed?

  • To provide data democracy in a digital arena that has become shallow, noisy and confusing; where everyday billions of comments on existing digital platforms are left unorganized, ignored, lost, or wasted. To transform the speed and reduce the costs of market research and audience insight. The communities need the conversation; the industry needs the insight.

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