GoPro: What Qutee Thinks

Qutee users love to discuss the latest innovations from the world of tech. The most talked-about gadget recently has been the GoPro camera, with commentators sharing hundreds of tips and reviews. Here, we analyse the data on those comments to reveal what our users think.

Hot topic: Mounts

First, the overall picture: ?GoPro is popular, with a Q-rating of 68%. ‘These are the best,’ raves Callum’s Media. The most common topic of conversation on the page is mounts – our commentators have all sorts of suggestions for places to put your GoPro. Billy says: ‘I would try to make a collar mount for my dog as it would be cool to see what he does when he is adventuring’. Meanwhile, Charlie recommends ‘the mount that you bite on. It is really cool. It is so easy to use.’

Poll finding: How to make GoPro better

However, Qutee’s users don’t think the GoPro’s perfect. When asked what one thing they would improve, 81% of respondents to our poll focused on its sound quality. Edward Motson’s comment encapsulates this opinion nicely: ‘The GoPro is great,’ he says. ‘There is only one thing I dislike and that’s the fact that the audio quality isn’t the best.’

Sentiments analysed

Reflecting GoPro’s strong Q-rating, the most common sentiments in the page’s 718 comments are mostly positive. ‘Good’ and ‘amazing’ were expressed most often, followed by ‘great’, ‘cool’ and ‘love’.


Are those your feelings about GoPro too? Join in the discussion on the dedicated ?GoPro Qutee, where you can examine the data on others’ contributions for yourself.


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