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Collect opinions on any topic with our data driven commenting platform.

Use Qutee to collect feedback or drive conversation while conducting research important to you. What does your audience think?


On Qutee every comment is analyzed and organized.

The data and insights are free for you and your audience. Filters allow you to drill down through large conversations.


Collect Real-Time Ratings

The Q Gauge allows users to rate your topic from 0-100 so you can keep a pulse on public opinion. See what the overall approval of your subject is at a glance.  Know how much they like something, instead of simple likes and dislikes.


Publish Polls

Collect granular data from polls relating to your topic. Keep your users engaged and interested in what everyone else thinks.


Free Analytics Dashboard

Every Qutee comes with a free analytics dashboard that allows you to see the shape of conversation and drill down into details of interest.


Qutee Embeds

Publish a Qutee right on your website via an iFrame. It is very quick and easy to drop into any html for a full comment system on the topic of your choice.


Digital dystopia: why the internet needs an overhaul of its approach to comments

The Web 2.0 revolution was supposed to transform the internet into a public broadcasting platform that would give everyone a voice. Unfortunately, Web 2.0 has become a case of quantity over quality where most insightful content disappears in the blink of an eye.


Audiences can’t be heard. Content creators and publishers can’t listen. Our digital channels have failed to improve the quality of online conversation. Even on authoritative channels such as news outlets, audience comments die and disappear in hours without being properly explored.


Content publishers have no chance to discern the profound from the pointless, leaving the insightful to be swamped by the stupid. Little wonder that trust in the media has fallen while fake news continues to spread like wildfire.


Web 2.0 was supposed to herald the age of data democracy. Instead, we have ended up in Dystopia 2.0: a world in which one can neither listen clearly nor be heard.


Consequently, the internet needs an overhaul of its approach to comments, to allow content creators to regain control of the debate and shape and influence opinion once more, while allowing people a genuine chance to contribute and feel that their opinions are being heard.

Rebuilding connections with your communities using Qutee

Qutee has developed a technology platform that makes online discussion trackable, archivable, discoverable and permanent, so that insights and commentary can be easily identified, categorised, filtered and analysed.


It is the most advanced comments system in the world and the most powerful way for content publishers – such as media companies, influencers and brands – to collect meaningful, real-time insight on their digital communities.


The upshot is true data democracy – with every post contributing to a debate, every opinion heard and retained, and every insight captured and available for analysis.


Qutee helps anyone with a digital community save time and money through free access to real-time market research and insight, enabling them to better focus their efforts on creating content that their audience wants the most.


For individuals, Qutee’s aim is to make every participant in every online discussion feel valued. The platform is free to use, no discussions are off-limits, and every comment made is automatically classified so that others can easily find it, at any point in the future.

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