Looking forward to the new F1 Season

When the lights go out for the start of the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday, the fight for the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship will have begun. We’ll get our first real impression of which cars are fastest, and which drivers will be battling for the crown. So who do Qutee’s users think will prevail?

Hot topic: F1 returns

Our commentators seem reasonably optimistic that the coming season will be more exciting than the last. ?Formula 1 2017 starts with a 59% Q-rating, much higher than the 31% with which ?Formula 1 2016 ended. IChoMo is ‘so stocked!!! This year is going to be so good!’ Meanwhile, Qutee Ambassador George Tewkesbury thinks that ‘this season will be better than the last because the cars are more even than last year when it was heavily dominated by Mercedes.’

Poll finding: Rosberg’s successor

?Nico Rosberg’s shock decision to retire means that, for the first time since 1994, F1’s reigning champion will not be on the grid this year. So who will pick up his crown? Rosberg’s Mercedes teammate and championship rival for the last three years, ?Lewis Hamilton, is the clear favourite among Qutee users. 53% of respondents to our poll think he’ll win the Drivers Championship, well ahead of Ferrari’s ?Sebastian Vettel on 21%.

Qs compared: The teams and drivers

Hamilton might be the favourite to win the World Championship, but he isn’t the most popular driver on Qutee. That honour falls to 19-year-old ?Max Verstappen, who made waves by winning in only his second year in the sport. Still, Hamilton will be pleased to note that he is much more popular than former teammate ?Fernando Alonso, whose Q-rating is just 40%.


Three teams – ?Mercedes F1, ?Scuderia Ferrari and ?Williams – are all more popular than any of the drivers, though. Ferrari just comes out on top, with a Q-rating of 93% to Mercedes’ 92%. A foreshadowing of what’s to come in 2017, perhaps?


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