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    ?Help me find my new car – Shmee150

    Look whatever you end up buying, you are beginning to sound so out of touch with reality its spoiling what you initially provided. On top of what you already have garaged you are due to get a Ford GT, AMG GT R and now your saying you may get a GT3. Other than trying to emulate an Arab prince what is the point in owning all of these at the one time? Chris Harris ran for example a Ferrari FF, a GT3 RS 4.0 and used them almost daily. It annoys me frankly that such limited run cars are been given to you now at the lost opportunity to the buyers of cars who actually buy the cars that enable Porsche for example to produce GT cars. So far you’ve owned a GT4 and now want a GT3 but no where is it clear that you’ve been a prior Porsche owner. I don’t get why Porsche want to risk upsetting their loyal clients to provide you with a GT3. Ive owned 3 prior 911’s and have a GTS on order and a panamera but cant get a GT3, yet you can. Is the OPC a franchised dealership or Porsche directly owned that will provide you with a GT3? I used to enjoy you showing is round your new cars etc but now its turned into a rapacious exercise. I get why McLaren gave you an LT and LTS, as you’d had a 12c and 650s, I dont get why Aston gave you the GT8 again no prior history with them, but perhaps you’d be a good advert for the car, but I do get why you “chose” the vanquish, pressure from Aston to prop up a car that sheds value from the off . You are on the verge of becoming Kardashian like in your endorsement biased opinion. But hey good luck with it. Just don’t assume all cars people, and I mean people who actually buy decent cars with their own money like what your doing to them by denying access to cars they ought to get ahead of you. 3paraproud