• ?GoPro

    anywhere that i go on holiday or random events and places that I got to

  • ?United Airlines

    Can’t believe they overbooked a flight, massive mess up, this guy just wanted to sit on the flight he payed for but he was beat and dragged off the plane, Discusting

  • ?Theresa may opions

    Personally, I like Theresa May I think that she can do a lot for Britain and will help with Brexit, making sure that we get the best deals.

  • ?British Brexit

    I think Brexit is a good thing for the UK and moving forward we will have great relationships with other countries willing to trade with us e.g. America. I think it is important that we don’t get cucked by the EU and we stand our ground. If you look at the bigger picture Brexit is the way forward. Look at the fishing industry for example, the…[Read more]

  • ?Donald Trump

    I personally don’t believe that Donald Trump would trigger a nuclear war, I believe he has some great ideas and hat he truly is going to make America Great. However, I believe that North Korea could trigger a war over something that America might unknowingly provoke.

  • ?GoPro

    I would use it for any cool adventures that I go on, I would also let my sister take it on holiday with her as she loves to travel the world

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