• Adam Chapman posted a reply to TRIGGERnometry on ?Morality and Veganism 1 month ago

    ?Morality and Veganism

    It’s a combination of being profit driven and consumers who don’t really know where there food has come from. Industrialization of farming has separated us from the reality of the product. It’s not in anyway anti-capitalist – it’s just suggesting that living things shouldn’t be treated purely as assets or property.

    As we have made farming more efficient for us, we’ve ignored the unnecessary suffering of other life. There would have been a time where a farmer would have kept the male chicks to be raised into chicken meat but now, the compartmentalizing nature of our society means the egg industry and meat industry is separate. The male chicks have no use to us so we grind them up. In an effort to maximise egg production we forget about that which is not necessary, the males. Really the egg industry should be forced to bear the burden of nature and give these animals some sort of life.

    In this way we simply take and take from animals with little consideration for them. We force drugs upon them to make them grow faster to the detriment to their health, and when there is no money to be made we simply discard them into a grinder, masher, or gas chamber.

    It’s all too clear now that vegans probably wouldn’t exist like they do today if it wasn’t for some of the modern cattle farming techniques we use. Consuming other life is as natural as reproduction whether you eat meat or plants – so it appears to me the only way people move to such a radical position on eating animal products is learning the methods in which we obtain it. If we treated these animals will just a little more respect the whole thing wouldn’t look so disgusting.

    A final point. I think we know what happens in slaughter houses and many of us have probably seen an animal being killed, yet we still eat meat. In a way we ignore what is happening because we’ve watched one or two animals die and think that’s the end of it. Could you sit there for 12h and watch hundreds upon hundreds of animals die; and then consider this is happening right now, all the time? Humans couldn’t do this – we built machine to do it for us – and then we built walls around those machines to keep away prying eyes.