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    ?Car rental experiences! Share yours…

    Every time my family goes to the US, we rent a car from Hertz. From our experience, we have had consistently good experiences with them. Coincidentally, it was two cars we rented via Hertz that changed my perception on two markets: American and Korean.

    When we went to Maui for Xmas vacation in 2013, we got upgraded from a Nissan Maxima or similar, all the way to a Cadillac CTS. Being a fan of Top Gear, I assumed it would contain all the qualities American cars are known for: a cheap, uninspiring interior, lacklustre handling, and a floaty ride that would almost be like riding a waterbed. But to my surprise the week we had the car, the CTS did not exhibit any of the following (Note that this was the 2nd gen CTS, where GM really worked hard to improve their products, in particular when it came to driving characteristics). My dad loved the way it drove when we took it up and down the local mountain pass, the ride was smooth, and the sharp angles on the body overall grew on me.

    Then in 2016, we went to Chicago for summer vacation. Hertz at O’Hare gave us the keys to a Hyundai Sonata (2015): we were expecting a Chrysler 200 or Altima. We did rent a Kia Carens before, during the times where you only drove Korean was because it was very cheap and you didn’t really care about cars, or you just needed a no-frills tool to commute. But this was when Hyundai/Kia were stepping up their game, refining the interiors, drivetrain, and design to significantly compete against the Germans and Japanese. It was the first car we also ever had, that had XM radio as standard (which was a treat on long journeys). It dealt with highway miles well when we drove out of the city to a nearby town an hour away to an Auto museum (Volo Auto Museum if you’re ever in Illinois), and the week with it made me truly appreciate how grown up Korean cars have become since their renaissance moment in 2010.