• ?RushToDiamond

    And if he only play MID and top (lets be real, he will play mostly top) with 5 Champions will be boring and people will not watch the series, what will be harmful to his channel

  • ?RushToDiamond

    I think maybe you should do like, 7~10 champions with 2 per role, or maybe do it as Autofill to Diamond, so it doesn’t get boring. Here goes my sugestions:

    Top: Kayle, Urgot, Darius
    Jungle: Kindred, Vi, Evelyn, Hecarim, Kha’zix
    Mid: LeBlanc, Vladmir, Neeko, Ahri
    ADC: Xayah, Kaisa, Jihn
    Suport: Leona, Morgana, Soraka

  • ?So, about Akali recent nerfs…

    Hi guys, I want to see your opinions about the recent Akali nerfs

    Some people are really happy about them and other are like “why?”

    I think its kind of bullshit, Tryndamere can ult and tank the tower for his whole team if necessarie and go off pretty easily, a slightly feed Master Yi can 1v5 and don’t loss any of his health (anf if he loses he…[Read more]

  • ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    About people trolling normal game, I think its more of a server problem because here in BR people take normal game really serious, and you can just mute toxic arrogant people. Even so, Role Ranked doesnt solve any of this problems you said, you will just see people trollpicking on ranked because they where autofilled and will lose only 3-10LP.…[Read more]

  • ?Season9RankedGoals

    I really want to get at least Gold and actually play more. I feel like my problem with League is that I dont play it enough, always when I’m starting to get kind of good with a champion something happens, I dont play for a few days and I lose it.

    My goals besides getting gold are to learn to play Syndra, Vladmir and Ahri decently and maybe Trynda…[Read more]

  • ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    And what is the problem with learning other champions? A lot of games are lost because people don’t know how certain champions and roles works. A lot of people rages if the Jungler don’t gank their lane all the time, but if they played this role they would see that maybe their lane was too pushed for the jungler to gank and they will learn how…[Read more]

  • ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    I don’t really like the idea of the Role Ranked because if people already troll when they autofill in the actual system, where they can be demoted for loosing games, imagine in a system where they loose nothing in your main role if play badly or decide to troll in other lane.

    I totally understand people wanting this to learn other roles or new…[Read more]

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