• AJZullu posted a comment on ?Questions for Riot Developers 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    ?Questions for Riot Developers

    The Client needs improvement, one of the many issues is the system where when getting in to champion select people are suppose to pick a champion then all wait as they load in to the game, which cause problems with some not able to load in or are slow regardless of what reasons and thus some are AFK or get in to the game at a disadvantaged. Using /Remake doesnt always works anyways, in any case when remake doesnt work and the person never comes back, all 4 players shouldnt lose any LP at the very least.

    On the other hand, I wonder if there could be a system where people could have the option to load up the map so they dont need to step time to load up the game every time they get a new game loading the same map everytime.

    Even better would to get everyone to connect in to the map/game and THEN have the champion select so once everyone select their champion, they will get in to the game right away.