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    ?What rating did you end Season 8

    3rd year after coming back to league but none really took rank seriously.
    Im Indifferent cause im neither happy or sad, I ended this season at Silver 2 78LP, but I was not really playing often to really climb and my focus was on playing/learning more champions than really climbing. I try learning new champions in unrank so most of my time have gone to unrank games as well. Sincerely, If i just go with main champions/roles (ADC / Jungle) or even one tricking ill reach gold, but that doesnt sound too appealing to me.

    Im in this debacle were I’m comfortable and do well with champions like Jinx, Kindred, Eve..and that I would do above average every time. Of course i wont win all games, but i wont feed or be an acor to my team, at worse I will fall behind but in those games I usually catch up or its unlucky games where the whole team does poorly as well.

    My mental conclusion is that I dont want to play “my” (signature) champions and just go out to learn others in unrank, ended up losing more than winning haha, not an ideal position.

    For next season, and especially this December, I want to do more in my YouTube during the holidays, making fun gameplay while in the team of personal learning (mix dota2 stuff/analysis comparison). Then Climb more in the next season, make playing rank the main game mode i go to instead of unrank/bot games. Maybe play at least 2 rank games a day on average is the plan.