• ?Biggest thing holding you back in LoL

    i have a different mindset than the average solo Q player. so don’t take my mindset to seriously but it can work on you too.
    if you don’t feed as a Support and can get the ADC Fed your doing Good,
    but if your ADC Is dying and you are also, you have to question yourself. What can i do to not “Win”
    if you Give up in this part then you will never climb.
    the Solution is Simple! but so complicated to do
    -Help other lanes, like your jungle or mid lane. this is highly risky as if you roam in the wrong time your ADC will Get Kill, or even worst, yourself.
    -Try to get a Double kill at the cost of your life. this is a bad habit, but sometimes its worth to kill yourself to get your ADC Fed. again Risky cause if you do it too many times, the enemy jungler will kill the ADC making your efforts pointless.
    -and the obvious, every time the enemy adc goes for a Minion try to poke him/her, and if its a Cannon minion try to Stop them getting that, (Without killing yourself).

    also Playing those “weak Supports” are very useful, they have so much utility that i can’t just say no to them.
    of course higher elo people will tell you that, its the easiest way to climb XD but not the only way.
    BTW always remember to have fun and if you don’t like playing that champion, then don’t play them. also Prove us how well you can be as a Support main! MAKE IT TO HIGH ELO!, and Prove your friends Wrong!. PLUS ULTRA!