• ?IronToDiamond

    How to escape each elo. also, what to focus on in each role

  • ?Questions for Riot Developers

    riot implement a system where they can detect what role you played in, so lets say a support stole a mid lane (and the old mid was plays sup now) at the end of the game it would say “you played mid” even if he or didn’t stole your role

    Hopefully, that answers your question :)

  • ?Questions for Riot Developers

    Riot look at how challengers playing that specific champion and nerf them if necessary, just because a silver player does not know how to play against irelia, he (or she) will moan about irelia all the time.

    Hopefully, that answers your question :)

  • ?Questions for Riot Developers

    will there ever be a instant report function in champion select and/or actual game?

  • ?In-Game Moderators for League

    I think we should have moderators in LOL.

    I am just throwing out an idea but: maybe have users (who play LOL) be moderators. as Huzzy said minimum honour lvl 5, super positive and RIOT knows a lot of information about the moderator to make sure they are who they are saying they are

    maybe have some low powers at first like being AFK and chat…[Read more]

  • ?Get Coached by Huzzy

    Hey Huzz,

    Rating: S4-3
    Server: EUW
    Reason: cause I have been stuck in silver for 3-5 years and I can’t get out of it.

    Champions I play: I a OTP zac in the jungle (I know it’s not ideal but I enjoy playing him and feel confident on playing him well)

  • ?Gaming Today

    sorry for my bad English grammar :/

    I see today’s gaming as money grabbing. 5% of the game is free/what you paid for, and the rest of it is DLCs, which for a person who doesn’t have a job and gets no pocket money is very annoying to see. There are not many games which are free. For me personally, I would like to see a game which is free to play…[Read more]

  • ?Topic of the day

    Hey Huzzy, i played every single champ in the game but i dont click with any, any help ?

  • ?2 Videos a Day

    do it if u want to, i dont mind watching you twice or once a day :)

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