• Alex Simcox posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 1 week, 3 days ago


    Hero reworks are overall, a good idea. That being said, there is this feeling in a lot of communities where “New is Good”, and people want something new, instead of something remade. However if champions aren’t updated to stay fresh, or interesting, you lose a bit of that original flare they had. Some of the newer champions have such fresh kits, and strange key words, and everything they do can be considered flashy. Whereas some of the older champions are much more straight forward, and while that doesn’t make them less strong or loved, they can feel, from a visual perspective, “meh”. Champion reworks come, usually, with that visual update which help revitalize the champion as well. It is also much easier to work on something already built, in the case of say Pantheon, then to have to draw from scratch, and add more to the already flooded champion pool.