• ?YourLeagueHotTake

    I would like see more item diversity in the game for mages and adcs. It feels like no matter what you have to build the same 3 to 4 items every game and there is no other ways to really build. This to me is really boring and makes for less fun in the game to me I like when there are more options in the game.

  • ?What rating did you end Season 8

    I am gold 5 now which I am happy with sense I have been trying to get there for a while. I have played more this season then in any other season. I’m ready for next season I would like to try and climb into plat if I can if not I’m still happy with just playing the game.

  • ?LoLRating

    I think that im silver do to myself not playing enough early in the season and going on a crazy losing streak early in the year. I was down like 40 or so games do to now know what role I wanted to play or what champions to play.

  • ?Get Coached by Huzzy

    Hello Huzzy,
    Server: NA
    I am right now in silver 2 I have been stuck there for about a month or so. I am looking to climb I would like to get to gold this season I have always been silver. This season so far i have played the most games I ever have but im not sure what im doing wrong and why i can’t climb anymore. I play mostly Mid and ADC and I…[Read more]

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