• ?FIFA 20 Pace of the Game

    Pace is kind of a joke this year, most of the defenders can easily catch up with your forwards in no time, if you slap a shadow on them then it’s even better. In a sense this kind of makes sense because you don’t run as fast while controlling the ball, but I see no logic in this mechanism, when you push the ball forward I think the player should…

  • ?FIFA 20 Goalkeepers

    The thing about goalkeepers is that they are situationally, most of the times they do incredible saves, and then now and then we see the random keeper movement like leaving the goal line while not pressing the keeper charge button, random glitches when he “saves” the ball but actually he drops it and you get a goal, conceding goals from 30+m from…

  • ?FIFA 20 Defending Mechanics

    For me defending is 50-50 ,it all depends on your Luck. I’ve had games when my AI defending was incredibile and then, the last few days , my defenders just randomly started to do stupid stuff like run away from the ball, making space enough for a through ball. Something that should be improved is the tackle mechanism, every Game there are 1-2…

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