• AJ posted a comment on ?Roku Earnings Announcement 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    ?Roku Earnings Announcement

    I am not totally surprised that ROKU’s stock launched on its earnings. The stock has been beaten up since its all-time high of $486.72/share and I am sure people were waiting for some good news to get back into it. I am rather surprised at how well the company did – revenue increased by about 79% and surpassed the expected EPS by 550% (reported .54/share compared to the expected-.12/share). Comparing this to past earnings, it is actually not too shocking as they beat their last estimated EPS by about 1000%.
    I think (with my limited knowledge of basic fundamentals and a brief overview of the stock chart) the company is a buy for the next few years but I do not know how ROKU will continue to expand its market in the future. I am too unfamiliar with the company to have any strong opinions currently but hopefully, in the future, I will have a better understanding of the streaming market.