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    League of Legend.
    What does it mean to you?

    To me it is a game. A game where it have gave me both good and bad times. But it also been an part of my life for a long while. I got into League of Legend around the last ends of season three. I remember playing the game because I saw my cousin playing the game. It fasciate me because it was different than what I usually used to in gaming. I never really got into online games such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft, or Runescape. I did dabble a bit into them and got a slight addiction but slowly got over it. But for League of Legend it was an entirely different story.

    I was a complete novice at the game in the beginning. It was both frustrating and interesting because as I keep playing the game, I slowly pick up things. I start to look up guides and watching videos to improve my skills within the game. I remember losing a lot in the beginning then I remembers those wins that was hard-fought. I, of course, encounter the toxicity within the game but also encounter camaraderie. I remember saving up ip to buying those runes and those champion that I really wanted to have.

    I remember playing with my cousins and always asking for helps in buying items. But now, I vividly remembers the stats and items in the shop. I was no longer the novice but I am still learning more about the game each time I play. Slowly I improve in both my gameplay and knowledge. It is quite a journey. Though most of my beginning League career mostly is covered ARAM games with the occasion summoner rift games with my cousins. Because I was not confident in my plays in summoner rift and usually only play summoner rift with my cousins. But I grows out of it and start to play summoner rift on my own. Season three and four was that period. But for the rest of the seasons, I slowly change my outlook in playing the game.

    I look back at the small champion pool I used to have. I remember having ten champion and now after seven years, I have 111 champions in my collection. Did not spend Riot point in purchasing champions. Yes, I did calculated in how many champion I have by rows. I did spend money especially birthday money in buying RIOT points for some of my favorites champion skins. My first skin I ever have was given to me by my best friend. It was the Viridian skin that change Kayle armor into green. And it was one of my favorite gift. It was not the Aether Wing skin to be sure but it was a touching gift especially to me at that age. I cherish the skin as I play Kayle.

    League of Legend is also one of the few games I could play in a worn laptop. I think it was a old IPM computer. And I play League on the mousepad. Yes, I did play League most of the time on the mousepad through season three to season six. Having a wired mouse or wireless mouse further escalate my enjoyment of the game when I finally got one. I still remember surprising my friends when I start playing with them. I play decent despite me using a mousepad. Playing Lee Sin with the mousepad was a challenge. But now, I am playing League with a much better laptop and a wireless mouse. My skill with the mousepad disappears. I still have fond yet frightening memories in using the mousepad. Never again shall I use the mousepad. But still have some muscle memory in using it.

    I never really got into ranked games compare to my cousins. They got really engaged into the game and manage to make their ways to Diamond but for me, I do not try. Because I didn’t want to ruin my teammate chance in gaining LP. I play the game for fun. But occasionally, I thought to myself if I really goes into ranked. What the highest rank I could achieve? I think my highest so far is silver II in summoner rift. I usually nowadays play normals and play ranked or normal TFT. I found ranked TFT to be more relaxing for me than ranked in summoner rift because I know that I would not cause any teammate to lose LP. But maybe this season, I shall attempt the climb because most of my friends are Golds now. In the past, bronzes and silver but they got better. Except for me, I don’t attempt the climb. I do not know how far I can get. I wonder if I get my answer this season.

    I really enjoy the stories of each champions. I am a lover of stories. Stories that encourage me to explore the aspects of other culture and lead me to learning life lessons. Also expanding my knowledge on certain things but also to have a good adventure in exploring the good and the bad. I love tales of valor, sorrow, and so many other themes. League of Legend offers me good stories to read and love. I see that the game I been playing with have grown up much like myself.

    It is strange to think about. I play this game in junior high and through high school. And still play it into my adulthood. I remember the late nights sessions with friends striving for that win. I remember doing stupid comps but having grand time with it. Those amazing steals, those moments that stand with us throughout the years, me and my friends teasing each others with our dumb moments. Showing each other our clips of amazing, terrible or hilarious moments.

    It feels different as the years goes by and things changes. I change as a person and this game have change greatly especially around the world. I never thought the game could be grand upon the world stage. I cherish my victories and lament my losses. Toxicity still bother me but I just mostly ignore it and focus on my plays. I am glad that I have experiences within the game. I know every champion kit and have a general ideas about each one. I no longer confuses as I was at the beginning. I enjoy experiencing new ways to play the game and also seeing the progress I made along my journey of league.

    I familiar myself in all roles making sure I am well-rounded in my skill sets. Encouraging myself to explore and experience all that League of Legend offers. A free to play game that I fell in love for a long time. Though there was a couple of rough spots especially in the words people exchanges, but there was a couple of times where I interact greatly with people in post game lobby. Exchanging knowledge and tips but that was in the past. I still remembers vividly of those interaction. Sometime I wonder if I never pick up League of Legend. Would anything be different? I am glad that I pick up the game. I enjoy the stories. The progression of champions throughout the years. New mechanics that change the field of battle in term of tactics.

    Everything become much clearer and different the more you get better at the game. I find myself wondering how much in my mind contain League of Legend. I would say quite a bit but I also have a tentative to read countless stories. Playing a lot of games over the years. Practicing my trade onto the world.

    What does this game mean to me? To me it is a journey. A journey where I experience different array of emotions and moments. A place where I play with my friends. Sometime the journey was hard. Sometime the journey was fantastical. I was clueless at the beginning. Have no certain direction and no clue how long I would be playing this game. For me, it was an worth-while journey. I play the game for fun. But also, I am just looking after the game. It gives me much in both joy and grief but much more joy than grief. I love the game. That is a simple enough reason.