• ?LetsMakeLoLRankedBetter

    i’d make a few suggestions.
    1) removal of promos; not completely, but just for the next division, like from gold 4 to gold 3, you shouldn’t get promos. Promos should only exist for the next tier, i.e gold 1 to plat 4. I feel like promos are way too high risk for what they’re worth, considering all the fiesta, autofills and ragequits in the…[Read more]

  • ?LoLChampionReworks

    I honestly think old champions do require a rework. The new champions that riot releases, have so much in their kit that the old ones can’t even compare to them. Most of the old champions have simple kit and are very linear and easy to counter/outplay with newer champs, so they do require a rework so that they can have a modern kit and compete…[Read more]

  • Azeem posted a comment on ?TFTFeedback 8 months ago


    I haven’t yet played it, but it looks good and it’s something new for league, plus it doesn’t require good champion mechanics but relies more on the strategy, so I think it will be a good new turn for league.
    If I could change something in this mode, it would be that you can combine items where the component of the items are, plus that you can…[Read more]

  • ?LoLTeamFightTactics

    Honestly looking forward to it, it’s something new and different from what we’ve seen and played on League. Me, someone who is not good at champion mechanics, can play it too since it relies more on team comp than mechanics and the battles are automated.

  • ?WhatRankAreYouAndWhy

    Honestly I don’t care for Ranked much. I started playing League last season, after placements I ended up in Silver 3, and only played 2 games after that, one I ended up winning and the other losing.
    This season I’ve played only 8 placement games and my placeholder rank right now is Bronze 1 lmao. If I win both games pretty sure I’ll end up in…[Read more]

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