• Azeem posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 1 month ago


    I honestly think old champions do require a rework. The new champions that riot releases, have so much in their kit that the old ones can’t even compare to them. Most of the old champions have simple kit and are very linear and easy to counter/outplay with newer champs, so they do require a rework so that they can have a modern kit and compete with the new champions/meta. That being said, there ARE some reworks that could’ve been a bit better, like Pantheon, he feels even weaker now and he still has that old playstyle.
    My favorite 5 reworks so far are Gangplank, Urgot, Yorick, Warwick and Nunu. Even though I miss the 800 AP one E one kill old Nunu, they’ve still done a really good job with the new one.