• ?Brexit have your say

    Stay with Europe.
    Do not leave.
    Think about the future of our generation.
    The economy with out Europe it will be very bad, so bad that you can not imagine.

  • Bekim posted a comment on ?The Lodge Cafe 4 years ago

    ?The Lodge Cafe

    The best service and a coffee i have ever had.
    100% recommendation.

  • ?Brexit & International Students

    The UK already has been put in a negative light when analysing the effects Brexit has or will have upon international students studying in the UK. The government in this segment has been exposed to its clear focus on its benefits to the economy rather than welcoming students from overseas to develop academically where they have not had the chance…


    About Muciqi Hand Car Wash Ltd:

    We provide services that do not harm your car with any scratches, dirt or any form of smears. Some of our popular services we provide is the Snow Foam and Banana Wax which leaves your car in a crystal shimmered state within days. Our signitaure service is our SupaGuard Polish (paint sealant). This polish aims to…

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