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    About Muciqi Hand Car Wash Ltd:

    We provide services that do not harm your car with any scratches, dirt or any form of smears. Some of our popular services we provide is the Snow Foam and Banana Wax which leaves your car in a crystal shimmered state within days. Our signitaure service is our SupaGuard Polish (paint sealant). This polish aims to guard your car from forming any scratches and will eliminate any need for waxing or polishing. This service will reduce oxidation of the paint work and makes the car retain it’s shine.

    Our upcoming service that we are excited to announce is the Ultra High Definition Wax. More information coming soon about this ultra pain protection!

    We are located in Cow Lane, Newark Nottinghamshire NG24 1HQ
    Next to AlDI Store

    We aim for 100% satisfaction, perfection and quality :)