• Ben Sheriff posted a comment on ?UK On-Line Gambling Have your Say! 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    ?UK On-Line Gambling Have your Say!

    Im totaly up for responsible gambling but these things are getting silly now

    “Buying the Bonus Feature,” was hard for many slot player’s/gambler’s due to the fact you waste more money playing the game trying to bonus it than buying it.

    “Turbo Spins” Due to bonus buy’s being turned off , most gambler’s that crave a win need it faster now and taking this feature away removes that pushing them towards table games where they can spin £1000+ at any one time. So nerfing slot’s ant going to help at all.

    Slot Spins to a maximum of £2? What will this accomplish, this will only push player’s to VPN’s, dodgy casino’s or table games which they can blow it all in 1 minute rather than play for longer on slot’s reducing there craving/addiction.

    If UK based slot games became less entertaining would you use a VPN to continue playing on other sites based abroad. “im sure most will shift to vpn’s”

    Im a slot player , have been for age’s and i find it more relaxing in gambling turbo, normal mode with bonus buys or not without knowing that im being forced to table game’s due to constant restrictions on slot’s. Slot’s are’nt the issue just cause they have fancy gfx’s and the uk goverment thinks that the main factor in drawing young folk into it, ant right as horse , sport an table games can waste so much money in one hand, one table turn one race!. Than a £5 spin on a slot etc.

    I for one im not for the uk gambling commission’s ruling’s. And think it’s a dire attempt to safe gaurd gambler’s.

    The withdraw canceling feature casino’s had online that was now stopped wa s a good thing though. Saved many gambler’s from waste’in it in one night and gave them time to think before they jumped.