• Bigbeardeddan posted a comment on ?LetsMakeLoLRankedBetter 2 years, 4 months ago


    This is just a suggestion and I know there may be many knock on effects and people may be very against this idea.

    It seems that afk players, rage quits etc are in abundance this season…

    I’m sure it would take alot of man hours and logistically may be exceptionally challenging but perhaps adding in a bot system to the game?

    Someone leaves the game in spite you are then 4v5 which decreases your chances of winning by what 90%?

    how about that person leaves and a bot then takes the place of the person, not an intermediate bot like in practice tool that anyone could farm perhaps a slightly higher level of AI.

    I’m not saying give the team a doom bot…but if you had the numbers then at least you wouldn’t be handicapped in such a way because league is a game of inches you don’t just lose the game at 6 minutes when your adc dies once and decides to leave etc etc.

    I fear asking for a tribunal would see alot of players try to abuse their power to get people banned out of spite, I don’t think we’re in a place where that will work effectively just as much as I think adding in loss prevented would be a good idea as it’s still just compounding the problem.

    To add to this I think the dodge system is outdated, there is no need to punish players with an lp loss for dodging in champ select. I don’t mind having a timer because you don’t want people just alt f4ing every champ select they enter because that’s going to mean nobody will ever enter a game…even if they don’t remove the lp loss perhaps create a buffer that allows you to dodge X amount before you lose lp?

    Alot of the community make it clear they are going to troll you in champ select just as much as having an auto-fill who has never won a game in that role is red flag. I’m all up for giving anyone a chance when it comes to the game because people placing faith in me is what allowed me to play among like minded people so I could learn the game and get good at it.