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    ?Future of McLaren

    As an owner who has lost £50k on a 650s and £100k on a 675LT Spider I can talk with reasonable authority. 6 weeks after my mega spec 675LT was delivered I was invited to Mclaren to see a preview of their new car, the 720s. It looked amazing but I was left very annoyed my newly delivered £370k car was now effectively old hat to a far superior model. I ordered a 720s, finally delivered 4 months late, had numerous faults so was sent back before it had ever been driven, was finally delivered back to me 3 months later and subsequently broke down 5 minutes after the delivery truck had left with engine and transmission failure. I hadn’t even managed to get off my drive!
    The Mclaren service centre are useless, the Customer Service Advisor calls me mate and they kept my car for 2 weeks for a simple fix which when they returned it they’d forgotten to do! I’m dismayed by their lack of professionalism whether it be Mclaren itself or the dealers that represent them. All I can say is TGE had a lucky escape. My fairly well specified 720s Performance has less than 1,000 miles on the clock has dropped £100k in 18months and is sat waiting for non existent buyers to come and take it off my hands. Like TGE I will never purchase another Mclaren again. Bloody pathetic for a ‘pioneering’ UK company. Bring back Ron Dennis, the current team are utterly useless.