• Liam posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 1 month ago


    Starting with visual reworks, they tend to be good in updating the graphics of the character, now I don’t have to look at Nunu’s broken twig arm he used to have although some of the visual identity can be lost at times.

    Now gameplay reworks are a different thing entirely, I personally believe that the goal of a rework should be to modernise older champions so they don’t feel clunky and also reach a bit more into the standards of current lol, I mean you have champs like kled that have an essay of a trait and then you have jax… leap to target, hit them harder, etc. I think ones like pantheon is a good example, I know huzzy didn’t really like it but i’m happy they’ve kept amount of his visual identity pretty well and more importantly his gameplay identity, while also giving more counterplay and also ways to play panth, you knew what a panth would do every single time, now there more to pantheon while to being relatively easy, when is he going to use e? What is he going to use his max stack trait for? Not to mention now that his Q is a skillshot that will make him less of an annoying poking champ. That being said there ARE some pretty bad ones, of course first and foremost being Akali, which quite frankly lots of Akali mains just want old Akali so they can play the damn champ, with all the dashes, escapes and the complete bs that was her stealth and quite frankly still is. But thats more so just how they’re designed like a new champ, we shouldn’t be surprised that the rework that was done by the same person who have us the “game-healthty” champs like Zoe and Yasuo (something-T isn’t it?) would make a unhealthy champion”