• Blunt posted a comment on ?Artificial Intelligence 2 years, 3 months ago

    ?Artificial Intelligence

    In it’s simplest form AI is a tool, and like any tool it can be misused (eg. a hammer used to break a window for a robbery). AI itself does not scare me, I am intrigued and love the advances it has made thus far, but think we are far away from any of the slippery slope fears (AI is going to take over humanity).

    If I do have a fear, it is in us putting a value on the machine past the monetary, because of “emotional” responses that can be programmed. Which brings up the question of, “Can emotions be learned through programming or is it just “programmer-biased-programming” in the end?” I tend to lean to the latter, that any emotional response a machine may give off is a product of it’s programming. Thus, bringing AI back to the level of a machine/tool.