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    I think Role tanked as a concept is really interesting because it shows an individual skill in a particular role so if you get autofilled you’re matched up against other people on a similar level as you on a role. For example, if you’re a Diamond top laner but you suck at support, you’ll get destroyed in your regular rank but role ranked helps you protect your lp in cases like that. On the other hand, if you’re in your promos and you want to win but you get autofilled or get your secondary, you no matter how well you do it wont help with your main role. That really kinda sucks. Also there’s another problem of role-switching. I think riot said that they wont punish people from doing it occasionally but if the frequency of role switching is really high then they will get punished. This is kinda dumb because the only reason that someone plays ranked is to climb and it seems unfair that riot is punishing people for trying to win. I don’t really think there is a way to fix that situation but if they can figure that out then they should keep it. If not, I don’t think role ranked would be good for League of Legends.
    (braydenbooce, NA)