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    ?Nintendo Switch Review

    I recently returned from America to the Nintendo Switch I had pre ordered and with the 5 days I had spare before going back to work I got to grips with the new console and began to realise the potential that it had.

    Before I had received the console I wasn’t really expecting much of an improvement on the Wii U, I hadn’t seen many trailers and the main selling point to me was Zelda Breath of the Wild as a launch game with it. When it came to unboxing it though I was impressed with how small and sleek they were able to make the hand held tablet, in any previous video I had seen the tablet came across very long and the controllers gave the impression that they would be uncomfortable but this was not the case, Nintendo were able to produce a lightweight handheld gaming tablet that has two comfortable detachable controllers both with good grip to them.

    Another aspect of the console I had my reservations about were the graphics both on the tablet and when connected to the TV. All I can say is WOW!! Especially when playing Zelda the graphics are incredible, they really have done an amazing job with this and it could be one of the key aspects that turns this into a major console up there with the Xbox One and PS4.

    I do genuinely think that in short time I have been playing the Nintendo Switch that it has proven to me that if the right games and right franchises can be brought onto this console then it could easily overtake its competitors. Who wouldn’t want to be able to play FIFA or Call of Duty on their lunch breaks at work or while travelling!? Until the Switch we had never had this opportunity with the quality this console provides and if you combine that with how they could potentially breathe new life into the classic Nintendo games such as Super Mario and the Pokémon Franchise then they will really have a console that appeals to almost everyone! You could even play games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush or Temple Run on the touch screen tablet.

    The problem Nintendo have is that other than Zelda they haven’t really released any other marquee games as of yet on the console and its going to be two months old before we get the next game worth playing in the new Mario Kart. In my opinion I feel as if Nintendo rushed the consoles release and if they had been more patient and released it with about 3-5 marquee games that other people would be interested in other than just Zelda fans then their sales would have been through the roof. I just hope that the console is given a chance when future games come out in the coming months and that it hasn’t died before its even really be given a chance.

    Do you own a switch or have to played a friends?
    What are your thoughts on the consoles potential?
    What was the consoles main selling point to you?
    What game would you like to see brought out on the Nintendo Switch?

    Let me know in the comments!