• Ben Brennan posted a comment on ?Joe Weller Vs. KSI – The Big Fight 4 years, 4 months ago

    ?Joe Weller Vs. KSI – The Big Fight

    Was a great day at the event! The fights themselves were brilliant, all fighters had put in a tremendous amount of work to be there tonight! Unfortunately I had Joe Weller down to win but KSI came out on top and deservedly so. Joe Weller didn’t seem interested in attacking and was just willing to be hit. A fun side note from today is that every bout winner fought out of the red corner!

    As for the Copperbox arena, Olympic Park and Westfield, I don’t really have a lot of good stuff to say about it. Overcrowding and ridiculous waiting times to get into the arena had a lot of fans disgruntled. The phone reception in all three locations was non existent and with the WiFi being just a poor it really hindered any opertunity of creating any kind of content. There was security every 100 yards or so policing cameras and recording equipment. You could only record with a permit which would set you back in the region of £450 just to voice record!

    Overall a great event at a poor venue. The sound quality inside the arena was awful, we were unable to here any interview over the speaker system and all music was distorted.

    Congrats to KSI on the win! Hopefully the next fight is at a different venue!