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    ?Future of McLaren

    And here is the nub of the problem “from what I heard” … all cars, especially low volume and hand built ones have issues. These issues are not good and people have a right to be upset (everyone seems to be upset so much quicker these days). Fair to say, my experience AS AN OWNER, is that every little niggle has been very quickly and fairly dealt with. No one is perfect (except a certain TGE who has done nothing wrong at all ..) and all companies make mistakes. Screaming at the top of your lungs in public and going on a one man crusade to knock the brand is less than constructive. I really strongly suspect that McLaren have bitten back here and this is a poorly disguised attempt to backtrack on inflammatory and unwarranted public statements by way of a “unbiased survey” … hmm … smells of 90 day old tuna. Quiet words behind the scenes with people involved seem to show this whole thing in rather a less flattering light for a certain youtube “influencer”.