• ?Biggest thing holding you back in LoL

    For me, it’s 100% my own skill. I’m getting better a bit at a time, especially now that I’m over my Ranked anxiety and really putting effort in, but it takes me a LONG time to learn to be significantly better at any given skill or champion in game. I try to question my own actions as much as possible, but an outside perspective, someone who…[Read more]

  • ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    As it currently stands, I don’t like Role Ranked. A lot of my opinions about league, and the way I play it, have been informed by you Huzz. So, while I’m not very good, I try to at least be functional in all the roles. Even when that’s not true, I’m better than just sticking to one role to the exclusion of everything else.

    I could see Role Ranked…[Read more]

  • ?Season9RankedGoals

    Hey Huzz. I’m looking to just climb out of Bronze for season 9. I’ve played off and on, but mostly been a Normal player. For several seasons I’d do placements, a few more games, and then bail when I didn’t do well, so I promised myself I’d try and stick it out the whole season no matter what and just see where I ended up. I really think I could…[Read more]

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