• ?What rating did you end Season 8

    That’s completely relatable. In my first season of ranked, proceeded by royally screwing over my MMR by entering ranked with incomplete runes after reaching 30, when I initially levelled my account in s6 (of which I only played a month or so of that year due to school), I had to start my climb from B4. In s7, I managed to peak at s3 (having climbed in the last few months of the season, I was hard pressed for time), but tilted back to s5. This year, I managed to climb from B2 (where I started after placements) to Platinum 5. I’d have liked to go beyond that and maybe go for Diamond (my mmr was very high, and I’d already versed Plat 1s and Diamond 5s), but by that point I was very tired and so decided to just go for getting Gold in both Flex 3v3s and 5v5s, which I did; Gold 2 and Gold 5 respectively in those queues. Best of luck next season!