Fifa 19 patches – are they getting it right?? I believe the patches are slowly leading up to a much more balanced and fun game to play. At the start they hit the nail on the head with the bicycle kicks and then following with AI defending and first time finesses. Slowly but surely, they are definitely getting there!

  • ?FIFA 19

    Career mode is one of the most anticipated game modes of fifa every year, and for me, a second favourite just behind Ultimate Team. However, i do think that career mode could become my favourite game mode if they actually change it. They’ve kept it the same thing except a few animations are different. I love the facts we have UEFA rights and the…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 19

    I think fifa 19 has the potential to be special. it’s been great, the promos up until scream has been so good and better than ever. However, gameplay i think needs to be improved. Pace finally isn’t the most important factor of a player, but it should be more useful than it is. Why can the slowest player in the game catch Mbappe?

    Loving fifa so…[Read more]

  • ?Russia World Cup 2018 | YOUR PREDICITIONS

    Very true, especially with the assumption they go through to face either Spain or Portugal in the R16. Thinking possibly Griezmann now i think about it a bit more!

  • ?Russia World Cup 2018 | YOUR PREDICITIONS

    Player of the Tournament – Neymar

    Young Players of the Tournament – Jesus

    Golden Boot – Suarez

    Suarez is a bit out there but looking at the groups, if Uruguay are at their best he’ll easily score a lot of goals against them

  • ?FIFA 18 Gameplay Patch

    I like the game, they’ve made defending hard but we can get used to it. But this year I feel like formations, player instructions and custom tactics are more important that ever before

  • ?FIFA 18 Gameplay Patch

    I like the new update as it’s a more challenging experience for Fifa players, defending is going to take time to get used to but the game is good as a whole!

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