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    Hi everyone!

    FIFA 19 has now been out for several months and EA have just released patch #7 which is most likely the biggest patch in terms of game play so far. However did EA get it right and improve game play?

    I want to know every thought you’ve had about the patch since it was released this week. I don’t want to give examples of how I feel about the patch as that may sway your opinion. So let rip in the comments below and let us know what you think.

    As a bonus I’ll be giving away 12,000 FIFA points to one lucky person who gets involved. To enter and have a chance of winning you need to:
    – Get involved in the discussion and leave a comment (start your own thread or reply to someone else).
    – Vote on all of the polls.
    – Follow me on Qutee (right hand side of the page)
    Every interaction on this Qutee is another entry into the giveaway so go nuts!