• Captainman18 posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 1 month ago


    Reworks are what League needs right now. Like you said a couple times, there are already way too many champs in the game. I would love a full year (of more) in which Riot only does reworks. They are what keeps the game fresh and fun (except Akali). For every new champion that they announce i feel less motivated to take a look what it does. I feel that they need to create a whole new thing or mechanic (which can be a pain to balance) to get people hooked on playing a new champ. There are already hundreds of unique champions and mechanics in the game, so where does it stop?

    In my opinion has every champion its identity and i believe a rework is succesfull if that identity is conserved. For example: the old Galio was great vs mages because his AP scaled with MR, that way he countered the mages and still was able to deal some damage. The whole anti-mage thing is what i honestly miss in the new Galio.

    (Excuse me for my grammar, English is not my native language. Everything i said is based on my opinion, not nessaserly on facts)