• Case Wright posted a comment on ?FIFA 20 5 days, 2 hours ago

    ?FIFA 20

    My thoughts on Fifa 20:
    -The gameplay feels really fast pace and I am enjoying how tense the games feel. It feels really rewarding to win.
    -I like how rewarding it feels to play the game. You get packs for pretty much everything, and it feels like I always have something to do, like SBC’s and objectives.

    -The game feels a bit broken at the moment. I still feel like they have some big issues that need to be fixed.
    -I really don’t like how much pace matters in this game. I could be peppering someone the entire game but not be able to score from outside the box because they have stay back and center on, and when I take a shot, a million defenders jump on the ball. Then they score from a counter attack.

    Overall I am really enjoying the game. It is one of the fifa’s I have enjoyed the most in a while. But I hope there will be some balance changes in the future.