• ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    I suppose what I’m getting at is that nobody can help getting ill, no matter how healthy they are. However, there are things we can all do to give ourselves the best chances to avoid getting ill and coping when we do get ill. There is both individual and collective responsibility for that and the government and NHS should be at the forefront.…[Read more]

  • ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    Unless I’m misunderstanding you, you’re suggesting that the government are making decisions to not do everything possible to protect the most vulnerable? Apologies if I have that wrong but either way, now that CV is happening I think the options open to governments are limited to managing the spread and therefore the levers they have to play with…[Read more]

  • ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    Not at all Dominic, I think my initial comments were fueled by watching too much TV news coverage and a visit to the local supermarket!

    I can remember lying in a hospital bed 25 years ago with a broken leg, feeling very relieved to be in an NHS hospital and somewhat guilty at having had an operation (to insert titanium rods) at no cost to me for…[Read more]

  • ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    Whilst I agree with your main points Dominic I disagree with your conclusions (and accept that this all purely theoretical).

    I certainly don’t advocate standing by when we have money that could be used to help those in desperate need during a crisis. But the reality is we’re talking about using a lot of money to deal with a panic epidemic rather…[Read more]

  • ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    No, I don’t agree with UK’s handling of the Corona virus. I think the NHS is already over funded (an entirely different conversation) and so demanding more tax payer money to deal with the inevitable increase in demand is wrong. We should be far more aligned with nature and accept it when a more intelligent (and less emotional) inevitability transpires.

  • ?Extremism and the Far-right

    I think that Jack is right that you don’t starve anyone of oxygen by no platforming them or making their arguments socially unspeakable. You’ll starve them of oxygen by being brave enough to address the the issues they’re exploiting and if they’re included in the debate people can make their own minds up about what is extreme and who they think is…[Read more]

  • ?The Housing crisis

    I would look at areas like mid-Wales, Rutland, Lincolnshire, east of York, Northumberland, south of Glasgow, south of Edinburgh, west of Aberdeen. Supported by investment in the road and rail networks plus new and expanded regional airports all of these places could be viable and become desirable for new and expanding businesses and industries.…[Read more]

  • Matt posted a comment on ?The Housing crisis 4 months ago

    ?The Housing crisis

    Starting with Blair and Brown and then the coalition, successive governments had an interest in denying the extent of immigration under free movement because it meant they didn’t have to match the massive increases in population year after year with new homes, schools, hospitals, doctors and all the other essential infrastructure.

    We need…[Read more]

  • ?The future of the Labour Party

    If they elect wrong daily as leader they could become WALC – We Are Literally Communists.

  • ?The future of the Labour Party

    I can safely say that if Paul were to represent Labour in my constituency I’d seriously consider voting for him. Like KK I have doubts about his economics however, unlike KK (I suspect), it’s because I have no concept of what a socialist Britain would even look like and so it’s more a case of not trusting things I don’t understand.

    Paul shows 3…[Read more]

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