• Matt posted a reply to Dominic Berry on ?Public Health & the Corona virus 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    Whilst I agree with your main points Dominic I disagree with your conclusions (and accept that this all purely theoretical).

    I certainly don’t advocate standing by when we have money that could be used to help those in desperate need during a crisis. But the reality is we’re talking about using a lot of money to deal with a panic epidemic rather than disease prevention or cure.

    Prior to the CV scare the NHS was stretched for many reasons, not least, that it spends a lot of money supporting people who have chosen (both consciously though more often ignorantly) to lead fundamentally unhealthy lives. On top of that the NHS focus on dealing with acute conditions (which it can be excellent at doing) with a “pill for every ill” attitude is doing more harm than good. A far more holistic approach to the avalanche of chronic conditions resulting from the aforementioned “modern lifestyles” is desperately need to stem this hemorrhaging of public money.

    I certainly never implied “let’s just do evolution” but the arrogance of science that it can overcome anything that nature can throw at us purely for our own convenience and our rights to live however we chose is exactly why a simple virus like CV can make us look so backwards. Science is awesome when it’s used for example to protect our most vulnerable but it’s mutated to a point where we think that keeping people alive in poor health for longer is an achievement. That’s just wrong.