• Matt posted a reply to Dominic Berry on ?Public Health & the Corona virus 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    Not at all Dominic, I think my initial comments were fueled by watching too much TV news coverage and a visit to the local supermarket!

    I can remember lying in a hospital bed 25 years ago with a broken leg, feeling very relieved to be in an NHS hospital and somewhat guilty at having had an operation (to insert titanium rods) at no cost to me for an injury sustained playing football. So I completely get your point.

    I would also add that I don’t generally blame the public for making “ignorant” choices because the government and NHS guidance is itself (to a point) ignorant and out of date. Medical science around gut health and the immune system, for instance, is making leaps and bounds but public health information takes years to formulate. Advice from doctors given to people close to me on matters such as diabetes and asthma staggers me when contrasted to government funded research freely available online.

    I don’t expect that everyone should be as interested in health and wellness as I am but I do think we should all take more responsibility for our own well being rather than taking the passive approach of contracting out responsibility to the NHS for our health.