• ?Satire and Political Correctness

    That thing starts playing every time you reload the page or click on a comment, and you didnt even write why i should give 10 of my minutes to watch it better write something and then add a link

  • ?Satire and Political Correctness

    I heard it for the first time here, I looked it up, If I get it right thats the point on which the majority of people are no longer on board with political correctness. I dont think the majority of people ever is, as in the majority are not the amateur enforcers that will rat you out to the state or to the social media bosses for saying the wrong…[Read more]

  • ?Satire and Political Correctness

    I think its a form of control. It has not overreached itself because its existence is already an overstepping, it hits right into human dignity. Political correctness has always been a means to oppress the opposition and to inflict tyranny through setting official correct opinions people may hold.

    I dont want to start the same lame thing but…[Read more]

  • ?Satire and Political Correctness

    Nothing good came out of political correctness. Some people call the fact that horrible words like the n word are no longer acceptable to call a person “political correctness gone right”, its not, its a sign of a naturally changing society and development of speech. Political correctness is forcing people to lie, its not in the same category as…[Read more]

  • ?The future of the Labour Party

    Regain Sanity and stop pushing fringe Ideas that only 5% of the population agrees with.

  • ?Your prediction for the 2020 US Election

    Trump because no normal person understands why he is being persecuted for bidens corruption in the Ukraine. I Literally dont get it

  • ?Men in society and the media

    Not one person is “treated fairly” Not women, not men, not white people and not black people. All around us are problems and prejudices and every person gets fucked over by the world in their own unique way.

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