• ?The Chilcot Report

    I agree. There is no excuse – at best they should have realized the scale of the job and got more staff – costs wouldn’t have increased because it would have been finished earlier!

  • Chris posted a reply to on ?Corbyn 3 years, 9 months ago

    Lol only a (hopefully very) small portion!

  • ?Cecil the lion

    I think Africa has bigger problems!

  • ?Can We Overcome Climate Change?

    For me its not a win/lose situation anymore – its how much we can mitigate.

  • ?EU Boat People

    Too many have been successfully smuggled which creates a very big draw for those remaining.

  • ?ZX Spectrum

    Loved the codemasters games!

  • Chris posted a reply to on ?Formula 1 2015 4 years ago

    ?Formula 1 2015

    As said Bianchi was a rising star and may have gone on to be a race winner in the future.

  • Chris posted a reply to on ?NFL without helmets 4 years ago

    ?NFL without helmets

    They would be fine without all the padding and helmets. They would just change how they played slightly. Having said that if people want to play as is and know the risks then thats fine too.

  • Chris posted a reply to on ?Islamic Extremism 4 years ago

    ?Islamic Extremism

    I think it is hard to go ‘all out war’ with these people – thats the problem. You will get the hardliners and most of the figureheads but the majority will melt back into the civilian population. We know we have to win ‘hearts and minds’ with the locals to stand a chance so you end up standing back. The trick is going to be to get the ordinary man…[Read more]

  • Chris posted a reply to on ?UK EU Referendum 4 years ago

    ?UK EU Referendum

    I think most people agree with the free market. When it comes to free movement there is more debate particularly around areas such as healthcare and social security. When it comes to law making and governance from Brussels there is a lot of (understandable) resentment. I for one want to think of myself as British and not part of the ‘USE’.…[Read more]

  • ?Cyber Warfare and the US

    To an outsider looking in it seems like the west has been restrained and slow to the party. I am sure (hope) that the truth is somewhat different…

  • Chris posted a reply to on ?Vaping 4 years ago


    Definitely feels better for you than ciggys imo.

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