• ?Sony A7ii/A7Sii/A7Rii Best Settings For Vlogging

    There are tons of settings to take into consideration but I havethe following, and then saved it to one of the custom function positions on the mode wheel:

    – Shooting Mode: Aperture Priority
    – ISO: Auto (between 100 and somewhat maximum)
    – Shutter Speed: done automatically in Aperture Priority mode
    – Aperture: 2.8
    – Lens: I am using the Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2.0 lens for vlogging
    – Picture Profile: Standard
    – Creative Style: Standard
    – White Balance: auto
    – Audio Levels: around 10 (sometimes change those for the situation)
    – Metering Mode: the one that takes into consideration the whole frame
    – I also have some mic muffs fixed onto the mic ports on the Sony to reduce wind noise
    – Shooting with 1080p 24 FPS for vlogging (4k is too much for my computer to handle and for now I am staying with the 1080p exports)

    I have the second custom position setup to quickly do cinematics. Almost the same settings but in Manual mode to not have changing light situations in the middle of the shot (which I want for Vlogging as I can’t see what the camera sees it should just handle that automatically). And in the Cinematics Mode I also have the FPS at 120 for some nice slow motion shots.

    Overall you could go crazy with the settings. Go into 4k mode or maybe the picture profile to S-LOG 3 – but then you spend tons of time in post grading the footage. And especially for vlogging the turnover should be quicker. So I just keep the basics.

    Hope this was helpful. If it was please like and maybe have a look at my work (linked Instagram and Website on my profile).

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