• ?FIFA 20 Goalkeepers

    The goalkeepers in my opinion have been downgraded significantly. When you watch a replay back and see how close the ball is to the goalkeeper and the animation suggest the keeper cant get to it os frustrating and tilting.

    Near post shots this year shouldnt be a thing a goalkeeper should never be beaten at his nearpost. If a goalkeeper could…

  • ?FIFA 20 Goalkeepers

    Id like keepers to catch the god damn ball not act like roberto from westham who couldnt catch a cold. Would also be nice if the would save shots straight at them

  • ?FIFA 20 State of the Servers

    The servers are becoming a joke of late. 3 weeks ago the game was an 8/10 i would now have it at a 3/10. We all spend so much money through fifa points which they should invest back into the game. The game itself has a huge capital.

    I hate playing WL as ive been DC about 11 times in 3 weeks. The game is supposed to be fun but im losing tge fun…

  • ?FIFA 20 Scoring mechanics

    I have a bundesliga squad and i started of with Burki and Gulacsi, I have now uodated to Neuer its seems its getting better but I still dont likenthat the keepers parry everything into the oppositions path or when they come and committ to getting the ball when sliding they never gather it and it just rebounds back off you. Heading on the game…

  • ?FIFA 20

    I think fifa 20 is an improvement on fifa 19. The only thing i dislike is the player switch itvtakes too long but apart from that this game excites me

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