• ?FIFA 19 Ratings (game giveaway)

    i think there is a lack of top quality left and right backs there need to be higher rated left and right backs as center backs have a higher average rating but the highest rated defender is definitely Ramos hes the best in the world

  • ?FIFA 19 Ratings (game giveaway)

    only problem i have with the ratings is that young players have ratings that dont really show there ability as many are better than their rating suggests

  • ?FIFA 19 Ratings (game giveaway)

    i think that messi and ronaldos ratings are correct as the fact that there is a debate to whos better means they are about the same ability at the end of the day

  • ?FIFA 19 Ratings (game giveaway)

    i think that everyones pace is low but it means it will be more balanced as players that are known for pace will actually be able to out run defenders and midfielders that are alot slower but the physicality and defending off them should be able to deal with them if the tactics are right making the game more about tactics than pay to win

  • ?How To Improve FIFA

    Tom how bad do you think pack weight is on this fifa as for someone who isnt a youtuber selling their squad and being rewarded with Inzaghi isnt really worth it. especiallly when i sold my whole squad for it

  • ?FIFA 18 Giveaway & Some Important Questions!

    Loving the milan manchester madrid series

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