• CobraCrashGamer lol posted a reply to Team Atlantis on ?Fortnite 5 months ago


    It’s a great game and I love it as it’s really fun, I spend to much time on it, way too much time, but I believe the skins are way too expensive like £20 for an unneeded skin that is useless, no thanks, but the battle passes are great as you can save the vbucks up and get next season’s with profit, if you put in the work, also the special starter packs are insane as you get a skin, and you get more than the vbucks it’s worth so you get a lot for the price which is great, I’m looking to become pro and win some money soon and the game is insane but should listen to the community quite a lot more as some of the changes thay they have been doing recently are really trash, but I’m glad they are making good changes again to sort it all out, this is taking me so long lol I should stop ranting hope you can agree with my rambling on😀😂.