• ?Prime ICON Moments… money grab or fresh content?!

    Money grab? Yes. New content? Also yes. Will I ever see one of these in my club? Almost certainly no. So for me, it doesn’t affect me at all unless I get a one-in-a-million pack pull. But I haven’t packed an icon in 3 years, so I don’t see that happening now with these cards. I can understand why people are upset, but for me, it’s a big ‘meh’. I’m…


    I was really looking forward to the patch, and felt it would change the game up a little and stop people from ONLY shooting finesse shots to score. However, I feel they took it a bit too far, and the Green and Yellow shots should still have a better shot at finding the net. It’s the 180 no-scope yellow shot from 10 yards outside the box that would…

  • ?Team Of The Rip Offs… Again!

    For me, EA has done a good job with promos this year, TOTY included. However, the price of the cards and the rarity means most people won’t ever get to play with one. I would prefer that they were rated a little lower, and the odds are turned up to pack them. The cards will suffer a bit, yes, but they’ll still be the best cards in the game, and…

  • ?The Player Pick TOTY

    Pogba will get it. I don’t have much doubt about that. But I would have liked Neymar personally.

  • ?FIFA 19 – TEAM OF THE YEAR!!!

    GK: De Gea
    Defenders: Ramos, Varane, Walker, Marcelo
    Midfielders: Modric, Pogba, Kante
    Forwards: Ronaldo, Messi, Salah


    My biggest issue is definitely connection. I live in the middle of the USA, and apparently servers are on the East and West coast only, I’ve heard. I have yet to have full bar connection. 4 is the highest I can achieve. Somehow I never actually DC from games, but what actually happens is that I will have periods in most games where I completely…


    There are a ton of things they could have addressed before this, but I also don’t mind the change. So I have mixed feelings. It’s really not something that matters all that much in the long run since it’s just an animation for a pack. So I think I tend to agree with you overall that other things should have been addressed first.

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